Ways to Help you Organize and Clean More Effectively

No offense to whoever said there are no shortcuts in life, but when it comes to keeping up with everyday tasks around the house, we beg to differ. Cleaning and organizing aren’t exactly anyone’s idea of fun, though with a little creativity, you can make some tasks a lot easier. Here are 9 hacks that can help you make life at home simpler.

1. DIY Magnetic Spice Rack

With a magnetic spice rack, you’ll never have to dig around your kitchen cupboard in search of basil or garlic powder ever again. Plus, you can save space by hanging said rack on the front of your fridge, pantry door or wall.

2. Simple Cable Organizer

Between using cell phones, tablets, computers and earbuds, most of us are constantly plugged in to technology at home each day. Which explains why it sometimes it feels as though we have way too many cords in any given room. Turns out, there’s a super easy way to help keep them organized and untangled: binder clips to the rescue! They work great at the kitchen table or home office.

3. All-Natural Floor Cleaner

Bleach is a heck of a disinfectant and stain remover, but there’s a safer way to clean if you’d prefer to skip using it or other harsh chemicals to keep your floors. The best part? This natural way requires ingredients that you probably already around the house.

4. Baby-Proof Cabinets

Who would have thought that cookie cutters could be useful for things other than just baking delicious treats? Cabinet locks are a great way to baby-proof the kitchen, but if you don’t have any, cookie cutters are an awesome substitute.

5. Milk Jug Watering Can

Got milk? For this particular home hack, it’s OK if you don’t, as long as you have a clean, empty milk jug. You could spend $10 to $20 on a watering can for your plants or garden, but if you want to save money and recycle, transform your milk jug into one instead.

6. Boot Shapers

Boots were made for walking – and apparently pool noodles, when said boots aren’t in use. Using pool noodles will help your boots maintain their shape and help you save space in your closet. Hello, no more floppy boots!

7. In-Cabinet Cork Board

By adding a corkboard to your kitchen cabinet, you’ll have a go-to place to keep any tasty recipes you cut out from magazines and print from websites. Plus, you can keep other important notes, reminders and invitations there instead of cluttering the front of your fridge.

8. Over-the-Door Storage Organizers

Hanging shoe organizers are good for storing so much more than what you wear on your feet. Set one up in your entryway closet and you’ve got the perfect spot for cleaning supplies, arts and craft supplies, electronic cords you don’t use often and just about anything else that will fit.

9. Drill Away Dirty Tub Grime

Scrubbing your bathtub can be a great way to get in an arm workout, but if you’d prefer an easier way to get it bright and clean again, a cordless drill can be your best friend. All it takes is a scrub brush, an attachment and said drill. Pretty clever, if you ask us!

These are some handy, simple tricks to help you out at home, but if you find yourself facing some bigger challenges, like needing more space or living in an outdated house, we can help. PrimeLending offers a wide variety of purchase and renovations loans options to help you get the perfect house or transform the one that you’re currently in. Call Teri Tarvin at PrimeLending today at 254-230-9468 to get the ball rolling.